I have been working from Brasilia and to call from there has been very good.
Now I hade som problems, contacted support and there where awesome.



Support has been great, and no problems with the service, which is saving me a nice amount of money. Looking forward to increased web control of settings such as voicemail options, which I'm told is in the works, and also account management such as keeping track of minutes.

Paul B.

Please consider the following for online management (not by calling you or by chat)
1) Ability to change of Time Zone at will.
2) Ability to switch to Standard rate from Premium default, and back as desired, former for lower rates and latter for call quality. I am not requesting any change for my account at this time.

Umesh Gupta

Have tried a lot of different voip providers in the past and all were sub-par at best. Freelycall is a hidden gem. Firstly, thanks for your excellent customer support. This is the best customer support I have ever received till date. Secondly, the calls to India are of extremely good quality, infact it is as good as through the land line in my home.
A very happy customer overall and will surely suggest to all my friends.


The service just rec'd was indescribable! My IP PBX was all jacked up and I didn't know it. Freelycall remotely took over my computer and for he next 2 hours proceeded to resolve my problem. I have never been so impressed with the commitment to fix a problem in my life. In addition at the time of the resolving of the problem, I wasn't even a customer! The support and service that I rec'd has made me a customer for life! I am not easily impressed. But, I am grateful. Thanks, Freelycall.com!!

Fee Moore

J'utilise votre service depuis peu et j'en suis vraiment satisfait, un problème technique qui m'a fait paniquer a été régler par leur assistant disponible 24h/24 et j'ai retrouvé confiance en votre service.
Je vous recommande à tout le monde d'utiliser freelycall.com
Bien à vous.


The service I found from you is fantastic and I am telling you from my heart. Definitely I believe that we can continue the relationship through this supports. Really your support team is awesome. I must say you guys are really great and you think only the benefit of clients. Wish you all the best.

Rafsan Arin

I love using them, great service..I just need a call recording feature for incoming calls, it's necessary for my business.


started shopping around when google voice stopped xmpp support. I usually make lot of calls to India. I also needed incoming DID number USA to forward my incoming Google voice calls.

I got a free USA did number for FC but later moved to $1/month for fully functional DID with guaranteed caller ID support. This is the cheapest one available than any other voip. Tech support is very straight forward and very friendly. you can chat with them during EUR or early USA time and very patiently answers all our questions. They increased my incoming channels for free without any questions. No need to mention, they have a fully functional voicemail service.

Calling India price is cheaper than any other voip provider and including Betamax voip. The call quality was amazing and always went through.....Please note I was using voipdiscount.com before and you can expect same quality,reliablity and service for cheaper price in FC.

Overall I am happy with that I chose this service and I will recommend to anyone.


Initially, the information on the website was very appealing. Then I had a chat session with an excellent customer service representative named Marvin. He was extremely professional and polite, answered all my questions in detail. My situation is complicated since I want to communicate with family overseas and they have very limited and restricted internet resources. I received a detailed explanation of what I need to do. I'm really excited about this opportunity. Thanks!


well!! we have been using Freelycall Call Termination and Origination services more than six months now and landing our calls to USA via freelycall.com, the call quality is GOOD. The most important point for us to consider them is Call Tariff for US destination which is less as compared to other vendors. I researched many vendors but no one is offering such low outbound and inbound rates. If you talk about support Sales/Technical, they are punctual and promising all time. I must say, we made a right choice. FreelyCall works Great!! Just go with it.

Vishal Sulakhe

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