Cómo configurar su cuenta

Now that you have decided on the equipment and plan, it’s time to put your account settings on your equipment.

Regardless of the equipment you chose, there are 3 things to configure:

1- SIP Server (or Domain): freelycall.com

2- user name/authorization name: [or extension or telephony number] -> this is found inside your user profile, under telephony info.

3- password: [your extension password] -> should be the same as your website login password which you created when you signed up

That’s it, once you enter the settings above, you wait for few seconds, and your equipment will indicate that you are registered, and can start making calls.

Additional settings can be done to fine tune your voice experience, such as:

1- Codec: This defines the compression level of the voice. Higher compression is preferred on slower links (3G mobile network), while on broadband link (wifi), it’s OK to use lower compression, and enjoy higher voice quality. Codecs suggested for use:

a) 3G Mobile Networks: G729

b) Wifi/DSL/Broadband: G711

2- Echo cancellation. This feature is not available on all equipment, it helps avoids echo which feeds from the speaker through the microphone, especially for a conference equipment. but it also suppresses comfort silent, which you may be used to, and may have the impression that there’s no one on the other side of the line when they’re not talking

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