Compare with Others

Some services provided by FreelyCall are common to other providers, yet we would like to explain to you the advantage of working with us.

Starting by ourselves being heavy VoIP users, FreelyCall was founded after we realized that existing providers do not fulfill all our own business needs, in terms of reliability, flexibility, cost and support, hence we put together a service that will make customers with similar ambitions free of any constraints in order to leverage the full VoIP potentials. Here’s some facts:

1- Multi award winning service.
2- Mega savings on calls. We beat your provider rates, whether classical or VoIP.
3- Plans from $0 per month.
4- FREE calls between FreelyCall users.
5- FREE call recording
6- FREE technical support.
7- FREE voicemail box.
8- FREE US numbers.
9- FREE incoming/outgoing FAXES.
10- FREE conference calls with recording feature
11- FREE video calls.
12- FREE video conferencing with desktop sharing.
13- Follow me/Call forwarding service.
14- LNP (Local Number Portability).
15- Virtual PBX for corporate/enterprise customers.
16- All VoIP codecs supported: G729, G711, SILK, G722, H263, H264, etc.
17- No lock-in contracts.
18- No minimum spend.
19- No connection fees.
20- Real-time accounts web portal.
21- BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Your account is not locked for using on one app, you can configure anywhere.
22- Premium service. Compared to standard service, the chances of success of your call is semi-guaranteed.
23- Redundant backbone in 3 continents (Asia, Europe, America).
24- Multilingual pages for international customers. If your language not available yet, send us a note to show interest.
25- Reseller accounts.
26- Full hosting package solutions for businesses demanding full control.