Aastra 6557i


We need first to determine the IP address to access the Web UI. Follow these steps on the Phone UI:

1- Enter the options list
2- Scroll down the list of options to Phone Status and press Show
3- Scroll to Network Status and press Show
4- Press IP Addr
5- Your phone’s IP Address displays
6- Open your web browser and enter the phone’s IP  address
7- Enter the login credentials (default username ‘admin’, default password ‘22222’)



Click the line 1 tab, and configure as follows

Basic SIP Authentication Settings
Screen name: Aastra 57
Screen name 2:
Phone Number: Enter your FreelyCall Account Number (example: 20001)
Caller ID: Enter your FreelyCall Account Number (example: 20001)
Authentication Name: Enter your FreelyCall Account Number (example: 20001)
Password: Enter your FreelyCall Account Password (example: Lduer5G4qk2n)
Line mode: Generic

Basic SIP Network Settings
Proxy Server: freelycall.com
Proxy Port: 5060
Outbound Proxy Server: freelycall.com
Outbound Proxy Port: 5060
Registrar Server: freelycall.com
Registrar Port: 5060
Registration Period; 180

Go to the Global SIP page

RTP Settings
RTP Port: 6000
Force RFC2833 Out-Of-Band DTMF: Enabled
DTMF Method: RTP
RTP Encryption: SRTP Disabled

Press Save settings to save configuration in current page

Configuration is now complete. Please select Reset in the menu and click Restart. After rebooting, the phone will register with FreelyCall and you should be able to place calls.