Cisco IP Phone 7940/7960


Before beginning, the Cisco phone must have the SIP firmware installed. Proof of this is the SIP logo in the upper right corner of the phone’s screen.

Cisco has the SIP phone image available to the public at

Also make sure your device firmware version is 8.2 or better. You can find the firmware version your phone is currently running by using the “Settings” button on your phone and navigating to Status -> Firmware Versions. If you are running a version prior to 8.2, please upgrade your phone’s software before proceeding.

The following instructions assume your phone has successfully booted and completed network configuration including obtaining valid IP addresses for itself, an IP gateway and DNS servers either via DCHP, manual or other means, that your phone is running with factory defaults with firmware version 8.2 or better and that the SIP image has been loaded.


Unlock the configuration protection by pressing “**#”

Settings -> Network Configuration Menu -> Sip configuration -> Line 1

Name: Enter your FreelyCall Account Number (example: 20001)
Authentication name: Enter your FreelyCall Account Number (example: 20001)
Password: Enter your FreelyCall Account Password (example: Lduer5G4qk2n)
Proxy address:
Preferred Codec: g729a or g711

Press “back” and “save” buttons to leave the configuration mode
You should be able to start making calls now.

Auto Configuration

If for any reason manual configuration does not work with you, you can use the auto provisioning feature of Cisco phone, however as it only supports TFTP protocol, you cannot use our service to get the configuration and fimrware automatically, you’ll have to install these on your network.

here’s how to proceed:

1- enable tftp on your phone, and have it point to your PC IP

a) Press the Settings button
b) Scroll down and select “Unlock Configuration”
c) enter the password as cisco (in lower case)
Note: This will again take you to Settings page
d) Now, select “network configuration”
e) Scroll Down and select TFTP server
f) Click on Edit and enter “” (without quotes) and hit “Accept”
Note: if no Edit option available, scroll down to option 32 (Alternate TFTP) and set it to YES
g) Now, select save on the screen.

2- download the generic config files from here

3- install TFTPD server on your machine, and set its source directory to where you extracted the zip above (make sure no subdirectories exist)

4- rename the file SIP_your__mac_.cnf to the correct mac address of your IP phone, then edit it and put your freelycall settings.

5- watch the log on your TFTPD server to see if your IP phone was able to get the its firmware and configuration.

Note that version assumed above is 8.12, so if you don’t have this version, visit this address from where you can get the correct firmware for your IP phone:

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