Grandstream HT-386

Configuration details for Grandstream HandyTone HT-386

1- access the web configuration menu
First, get the IP address of the HT-386 through section “Configuration” with menu option 02. Then access
the HT-386’s Web Configuration Menu using the following URLI: http://ATA-IP-Address where the ATAIP-
Address is the IP address of the HT-386.

2- login at administrator level using admin password, which is ‘admin’ by default

3- go to HT-386 FXS PORT1/FXS PORT2 Settings Page defintion

SIP Server:
outbound proxy:
Authenticate ID: 2XXXX
Authentication password: (your freelycall password)
Name: First and Last Name
Use DNS SRV: Yes
SIP Registration: Yes
Use Random Port: Yes
send DTMF: RFC2833

4- Click the “Update” button in the Configuration page to save the changes