Obihai OBi100


OBihai provides wizards on both the and websites where voip customers can easily input their voip username and password, press Submit and start making calls.

If you opt to configure the OBi via its internal web page, the following information in this guide will assist you to do just that.obi100

  • Power up your the OBihai device.
  • Insert a standard RJ-11 telephone cable into the PHONE port.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to an analog telephone.
  • Using the analogue telephone, dial *** then dial 1. You should be provided with the current IP address of your OBihai device. If your IP is please make sure that your device is properly connected to your network.
  • Access the device web interface, by pointing your browser to the IP you got in previous step (Example:
  • By default, the user/pass should be admin/admin


Open the device web interface, choose the Service Providers -> ITSP Profile A then enable and set the following options:


Name: Enter your Name (example: Joe Doe)

Now, choose the Voice Services -> SP Service, then set the following options:

SP1 Service
AuthUserName: Enter your FreelyCall Account Number (example: 20001)
AuthPassword: Enter your FreelyCall Account Password (example: Lduer5G4qk2n)

Save your changes, then click on Reboot buton at the top right of the page. After reboot, you will see that your configured profile has been registered and you should be able to place calls.

If your device is registered but it says ‘No service configured error’ when you try to place calls, check under Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port -> PrimaryLine if it’s set to PSTN line and set it to SP1