Sipura SPA-2100




  • Power up your the SPA-2100 device.
  • Insert a standard RJ-11 telephone cable into the SPA-2100 PHONE 1 (or PHONE 2) port.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to an analog telephone.
  • Using the analogue telephone, dial **** to enter the device IVR menu, then enter the code 73738# to reset your device to the factory default values. The SPA will prompt for confirm, if you confirmed by pressing 1, you will hear ‘Option Successful’, hangup then the unit will reboot and all configuration parameters will be reset to factory values. (If you don’t want to reset your device, skip this step).
  • Connect an Ethernet cable from the Cable or DSL Modem to the WAN port of the SPA-2100.
  • To get the device WAN IP address, dial the IVR menu **** then enter the code 110# and the IVR will announce the IP address of the WAN port.
  • Enable the web interface access of the device by dialing the IVR menu **** then entering the code 7932# and confirm by pressing 1.
  • Connect an Ethernet cable from your PC Ethernet adapter port to the SPA-2100 PC port.
  • Access the device web interface, by pointing your browser to the IP you got in previous step (Example:


Open the device web interface, choose the Advanced Administrator Login and configure the values mentioned below on either Line1 or Line2.

Line Enable: yes

NAT Settings
Nat Mapping Enable: yes
NAT Keep Alive Enable: yes
Nat Keep Alive Msg: $NOTIFY

SIP Settings
SIP Port: Choose any number between 1025 and 65535

Proxy and Registration
Outbound Proxy:
Use OB Proxy in Dialog: yes
Make Call without Reg: no
Ans Call without Reg: no
Register: yes
Register Expires: 60
Use DNS SRV: yes
DNS SRV Auto Prefix: yes

Subscriber Information
Display Name: Enter your Name (example: Joe Doe)
User ID: Enter your FreelyCall Account Number (example: 20001)
Password: Enter your FreelyCall Account Password (example: Lduer5G4qk2n)
Use Auth ID: no

Audio Configuration
Preferred Codec: g729a
Use Pref Codec Only: yes