SPA-3102 Disconnect Tone

The Disconnect Tone is important to allow the SPA3102 to know that the other party has hung up, in order to close the line from its side.

This feature is available in SPA3102 under Voice -> PSTN Line, using Admin login in advanced mode.

This value is the tone script which describes to the SPA the tone to detect as a disconnect tone. The syntax follows astandard Tone Script with some restrictions.
Default value is standard US reorder (fast busy) tone, for 4 seconds.


– 2 frequency components must be given. If single frequency is desired, the same frequency is used for both
– The tone level value is not used. –30 (dBm) should be used for now.
– Only 1 segment set is allowed
– Total duration of the segment set is interpreted as the minimum duration of the tone to trigger detection
– 6 segments of on/off time (seconds) can be specified. A 10% margin is used to validated cadence characteristics of the tone.

The Disconnect Tone Script values for various countries is as follows:

US: 480@-30,620@-30;4(.25/.25/1+2)
UK: 400@-30,400@-30; 2(3/0/1+2)
France: 440@-30,440@-30; 2(0.5/0.5/1+2)
Germany: 440@-30,440@-30; 2(0.5/0.5/1+2)
Netherlands: 425@-30,425@-30; 2(0.5/0.5/1+2)
Sweden: 425@-10; 10(0.25/0.25/1)
Norway: 425@-10; 10(0.5/0.5/1)
Italy: 425@-30,425@-30; 2(0.2/0.2/1+2)
Spain: 425@-10; 10(0.2/0.2/1,0.2/0.2/1,0.2/0.6/1)
Portugal: 425@-10; 10(0.5/0.5/1)
Poland: 425@-10; 10(0.5/0.5/1)
Denmark: 425@-10; 10(0.25/0.25/1)
New Zealand: 400@-15; 10(0.25/0.25/1)
Australia: 425@-13; 10(0.375/0.375/1)

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