1. Press the Navigation Key to select the main menu. From the main menu, select Network Settings, and then select “VoIP.”
2. From the VoIP Setting menu, select the profile to configure, then press the Left Soft Key to access the Options menu. Select View/Edit.
3. On the VoIP configuration, enter the following details:

Phone Number:  Enter your FreelyCall Account Number (example: 20001)
Display Name: Enter your Name (example: Joe Doe)
Auth Name: Enter your FreelyCall Account Number (example: 20001)
Auth Password: Enter your FreelyCall Account Password (example: Lduer5G4qk2n)
SIP Proxy address:
SIP Proxy port: 5060
SIP Registrar Address:
SIP Registrar Port: 5060

When you finish configuring the VoIP details, the phone will restart automatically. When the phone has restarted, it automatically connects to the wireless network and logs into the SIP proxy server.

For more details, check the manual guide for your SMCWSP-100 under following link: