Technicolor TG797nV3

How can I check if the VoIP service has already been configured?
If the Voice LED is:
– Solid or blinking green then the VoIP service is configured correctly. No configuration is needed.
– Off then telephony service is not configured (yet). Follow the instructions below.
Browse to the MediaAccess Gateway GUI, click on Toolbox menu, click Telephony. In the Navigation bar, click Expert configure.

Registrar Port and Proxy Port: 5060

Click Apply.

Enter your VoIP account settings by going to the Navigation bar, click Configure. Under Service Configuration, select Enable Telephony. Under Telephone Numbers, complete the following fields:

SIP URI: Enter your freelycall account number (Ex: 2XXXX)
Username: Enter your freelycall account number (Ex: 2XXXX)
Password: Enter your freelycall password (Ex: g2aD4aGIbfDg)
Displayname: Enter your first and last name (Ex: John Doe)
Abbreviated number: Enter your freelycall account number (Ex: 2XXXX)

Select the phone port that you want to associate with this VoIP account. select
– All to use this VoIP account for all connected phone (fixed + DECT).
– All DECT to use this VoIP account for all connected DECT phones.
– DECT 1/2/3/4/5 to use this VoIP account for one specific DECT phone. You can find the number of your DECT phone its display.
– Phone 1/2 to use this VoIP account for the phone connected to the Phone 1/2 port of your MediaAccess Gateway.

Click Apply.

To verify it’s working, make sure MediaAccess Gateway is turned on, and Internet telephony services is enabled and configured, the voice/DECT LED must be solid green

Pick up your phone, wait for the dial tone, and dial the number.

For more information, see the manufacturer guide: , starting page 57