Voice Over IP devices are either handsets similar to plain classical handsets or phone adapters which connect to your classical handsets.

Here are our picks:

  • For beginner users, we recommend using a VoIP handset:


This cordless phone allows you to switch between your new VoIP system and your classical telephone switch. Additionally, it’s a DECC phone with long range, so you can move it around its base as far as 100m.

The phone attaches to your internet socket and to your landline.

  • Users who wish to maintain their existing handsets can acquire a phone adapter, which will sit between their internet switch and the handset.


This SPA112 adaptor contains 2 telephone jacks, so you could have 2 concurrent calls. Its price is relatively low


the SPA3102 contains a router so if you’re out of internet sockets, you can plug your internet devices through it. Additionally, it has a phone line socket, so that if your VoIP system fails, your connected telephone will automatically fall back to using the plain old telephony system.

Many more devices are supported and we would be glad to assist you in installing the device of your choice