Call Forwarding

Do you own a DID/phone number from your VoIP provider* or from FreelyCall, but your device is not turned on, or your internet is not always up?

We have a simple solution for you. Forward your DID/phone number to us, and we’ll forward it, along with the original caller ID, to any destination at the same rates we offer for outgoing calls.

You can even combine this feature with voicemail and conditional forwarding, so you will get the following workflow:

1- You receive a call to your DID. Is your device registered to our network?

a) yes, great, the device will start ringing and you pick up the call

b) no, your call will be forwarded to a your own internationally designated number, and once you answer, will be charged same rate as our outgoing rates.

c) your call was forwarded but you did not pick it up. The call will then land in your voicemail, and your caller will leave you a message which will go straight to your email.

Sounds cool? Go ahead and sign up, then let us know the rules, and we’ll set them up for you.

Don’t have a phone number, but still want to try it? you can as well get our free US phone number

* We currently have open peering policy with callcentric, didww, voxbone. We are willing to add your provider if it’s a known one