Calling Card

Calling Cards, Long Distance or International Calling Cards are a prepaid method of making a domestic or international long distance calls. In order to use calling card you need to have the access telephone number to dial and the PIN (Personal Identification Number). Calling Cards could be used from any phone: home phone, office phone, pay or public phones, mobile phone, even from outside your country. You do not need to have a phone number or address to buy or use a prepaid long-distance calling card.

By using calling cards you save money on your long-distance phone bill. In fact, there are no monthly bills, and no detailed statements. Rather, you simply pay for the calling time in advance and your prepaid calling card balance is reduced as you make your calls. A quality calling card can and will save you money versus using a long-distance company. Prepaid calling card rates are typically much lower (up to 95%) than any long-distance plan rates and they stay the same throughout the day. Prepaid calling cards do not require any alterations to your currently existing long distance plan. You may use different calling cards for different long distance needs, different countries, different call lengths, etc.

How to use Calling Cards

Calling Cards come with local access number, toll free access number and a PIN number. All you have to do is dial the access number and follow the prompt. You will be asked to enter your calling card PIN number and you will get a recording telling you the balance on your calling card, after that you will be asked to enter your destination number, dial country code + phone number. After dialing the destination number you will get the prompt telling you how many minutes you will be able to speak to your destination.

Calling Card Access Numbers

Remember, the key point in using calling cards is to dial calling card access number long distance toll free. In order to effectively use calling card from your landline, mobile or any other phone, calling card should have access number local for your calling area. FreelyCall provides you with following access numbers

33170615456 (Paris)

16465031778 (New York)
18455927154 (New York)

Online Calling Cards and Plastic Calling Cards

A conventional telephone or calling card is defined as a small plastic card, used to pay for telephone services. However it is not necessary to have the physical calling card; knowledge of the access number and the PIN is sufficient to use a calling card.

Since the early 2000s calling card service providers have introduced online calling cards not associated with physical calling cards. Online Calling Cards or Virtual Calling Cards can be purchased over the Internet using credit or debit cards and are instantly delivered to the customer via e-mail. This e-mail contains the PIN and instructions for using the calling card.

Many modern calling cards could be purchased in conventional stores as regular plastic calling card as well as online as virtual or online calling card. FreelyCall offers instant email delivery for many calling cards which are available in regular stores.

Making money with calling cards

You can set up your own calling card system easily, by registering an account with FreelyCall, then forwarding all incoming calls to the number 20001. You can obtain the number in different ways

1- if you already have a landline number in your local area that you would like to use, buy the SPA3102 voice adapter from Cisco, and configure as such:

a) connect the landline to the SPA3102 line port. connect your internet router to the SPA3102 internet port.
b)  Access your SPA3102 web interface, then go to the ‘PSTN line’ tab

Outbound Proxy:
Use Outbound Proxy: yes
Password: your freelycall account password
User ID: your freelycall account number (such as 2XXXX)
Dial Plan 8: (S0<:20001)
PSTN Caller Default DP: 8

c) Submit all changes, then call your landline from another phone, the SPA3102 will pick up after 3 or 4 rings, and move the call to FreelyCall calling card system..

2- purchase a DID in one of the 60 countries supported by FreelyCall, and ask freelycall support to forward it to the FreelyCall calling card system

Once you have your number setup, call it from another line, and follow these steps to make use of the calling card system

1- you will hear 3 beeps.
2- Key in your 6 digit pincode (provided by freelycall support)
3- if it’s accepted, you will hear one more beep, if it’s not accepted, it will hangup the line, and you will have to dial again
4- Dial your number in E.164 format (using country code, area code, local number), followed by the # key. Example: 1-800-444-4444#

To make money from the system, you can:

1- Lease your access number to FreelyCall, if it’s in a region not covered by FreelyCall DIDs. You can negotiate the price with FreelyCall Support
2- Set up a reseller account with FreelyCall, where you create your own users, and decide the profit margin. The prices will be announced to customers based on your profit margin