FreelyCall offers easy conferencing services for its customers, with local access numbers

Our customers* can enjoy free** lifetime dedicated conference number, pinless or not, based on their preference.

How it works?

When you get your conference number, you can choose to have it work with a pin or not. Typically you would have it pinless if you’re only using the conference within a small group, to quickly join the conference.

Once you provide you number to your callees, they just call, and will be asked to enter a pin if required. Then, they will start hearing music till someone else joins. You can customize the welcome message and the music to your preferences. You may also choose to have the conference recorded and emailed back to you at the end of a call.

* Customers eligible for free online numbers are those who have made at least one purchase of any of our products.
** Free conference numbers currently available in U.S only. Other countries/area codes are subject to monthly fees.

Don’t have your conference number yet? Contact us by email, specifying your desired country and area code, and we’ll get you up and running in no time.