3CX Android

Here’s the detailed steps to configure FreelyCall with 3CX
1- when you start up the application for the first time, choose ‘create profile’
2- under name, type ‘freelycall’
3- set user to your FreelyCall account number (Ex.: 2XXXX)
3- set ID to your FreelyCall account number (Ex.: 2XXXX)
4- set the password to your account password (same one for site login and voip profile)
5- set ‘External PBX IP’ to freelycall.com
6- set ‘PBX port’ to 80 or 5060
5- under audio codecs, comment ‘GSM’, and ‘Speex’, just keep the G.711 codecs, to insure good quality
6- click save
7- when you see the profiles window, click on the square with a green line in it. Your phone will attempt to register, if it gives ‘on hook’, it means it’s working

you can also refer to 3CX website for more details from the vendor: