How To Bypass VoIP Blocking

In countries where internet access is moderated by government agencies, it’s frequent to have VoIP blocked in order to force citizens to use better controlled communication means.

We, at Freelycall,  believe each individual and company has the right to decide their own communication means, but we do not take responsibility for any country laws breached as a result of trying to intentionally bypass VoIP blocking.

Enough with the legal stuff 🙂

The blocking techniques we are aware of rely on IP blocking, port blocking and SIP traffic filtering (using stateful packet inspection).

If your VoIP is blocked, chat with our support team, or email us to tell you the options you have for the country you’re dialing from.

Our approach is as follows:

1- Provide you with alternative ports to use, that are not blocked because they are not VoIP specific, but enough common to be open on most firewalls.

2- try different transports (TCP, UDP, TLS)

3- Provide you with alternative IP addresses.

3- give you free access to our VPN infrastructure (OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP and other custom VPNs)