VoIP Requirements

Now that you know what VoIP is, let’s get you started.

You need 2 things:

1- Equipment

The equipment can be hard equipment (like a cordless voip phone or a phone adapter) or soft equipment (such as a software installed on your PC or phone). It’s purely a matter of preference, as they both would work the same.

2- Plan

Plans can be any of 3 types

  1. If you wish only to make calls within the network, which compromises users of FreeCall, you may opt for a free plan. This allows you to call anyone using FreeCall, free of charge
  2. For making calls to other telephone systems, such as your local telecom provider or even international destinations, you may choose the ‘pay per call’ plan
  3. If you’re a corporate user, or simply a heavy user, who calls specific destinations frequently, you may go for the the ‘unlimited plan’.

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